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The Daily Field App

The Daily Field application gives you the power of knowing the status of your well, rig or job, from any where, any time, in REAL TIME. Imagine being able to see all critical aspects of your venture in one concise report…without having to analyze cumbersome spreadsheets!

This feature allows you the ability to identify a problem BEFORE it happens, saving you not only valuable man hours but money as well.

Your field staff simply enters the information pertaining to your venture and you're instantly presented with a real time customized reporting providing all of essential critical information you need to make on the spot decisions. Naturally, ALL OF THE FIELDS are customizable.

NO INTERNET CONNECTION in the field? No Problem. The Daily Field Application information will be saved on the field computer's local hard drive until an internet connection is available. Once the internet connection is available, your field representative simply turns on the Daily Field Application and all stored data will be transferred to the designated corporate office computer at that time.

The Daily Field Application will transfer all information to the Oil & Gas Job Cost Accounting software. This eliminates having to key the information in a second time. You can now pull detailed reports that will eliminate your need for time consuming and confusing spread sheets.

You can create the following reports in minutes:

  • Daily Activity by Well, Rig, Job or Crew and Supervisor
  • Payroll Input and Labor Hours
  • Equipment Hours
  • Parts Quantities

The reports above give you real time status on everything pertaining to a rig, well or job.

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