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Our clients. They're our top priority.

In 1973 Hardhat worked on site with a construction company located in Memphis TN to understand their needs to have a software that would allow them to improve job profitability, manage cash flow, control costs during the job, produce more accurate estimates and to help control vendor and subcontractors costs. Hardhat then went on to develop one of the very first Job Cost Accounting Software packages available in North America.

In 1998, Jamie Rushing who had been a client of Hardhat for ten years saw the potential of further advancing the Job Cost Accounting Software. Jamie went on to purchase Hardhat and has since made customizations and enhancements to make Hardhat the most comprehensive and fully integrated Job Cost Accounting Software available on the market today.

An existing customer approached Jamie and asked him to develop an application for their specific needs in the oil and gas industry. After researching their needs, Jamie proceed to create Hardhat's much anticipated Daily Field Application. This Application gives you the ability to see that status of your well, rig, or job in "REAL TIME", while eliminating your needs for time consuming and confusing spreadsheets.

Hardhat IS and ALWAYS will be a customer driven company. Hardhat takes pride in working with our customers and their ever changing needs in a diverse and challenging environment. Hardhat is in constant dialogue with our customer base to ensure that their specific needs are being met. Hardhat never expects our customers to fit our software, Hardhat fits our customers. Hardhat is customizable giving you the ability to truly have YOUR reports, YOUR way.

But don't take our word for it...

Premier Well Services, LLC

"We have asked a lot of Hardhat and they have never failed to supply our needs. The personal "one on one" attention Hardhat delivers to our company's needs is unsurpassed! Premier Well Services now uses 17 Daily Field Apps and the Job Cost Accounting software. Not only has this eliminated the majority of my needs for spread sheets, but this allows me to see in "Real Time" the status of all of our Rigs. Having the ability to have the information sync with the home office has eliminated having to key in critical information. Employees hours, equipment used, any issues are sent to the home computer allowing me to pull up the reports need. I truly have all the information I need at my fingertips at any given time!


Environmental Management Technologies

After seeing several demos from various software companies, Environmental Management Technologies decided to proceed with the Job Cost Accounting Software, Daily Field Application and The Quantity Tracking Software from Hardhat. Hardhat offers the most complete accounting system for the unique needs that Environmental Management Technologies has. I travel extensively and often have to make critical decisions while I am out of the office. This would take time to review spreadsheets, ensure that all information and tickets had been turned in and entered. Now, I have the ability to see in "real time" the status of all of our projects at a push of a button. I am confident that when I make a decision that will affect not only my customers, but my employees and the company as well that I have the most up to date and accurate information to do so.

The daily field application has not only allowed us to have critical data in "real time" but it has reduced our labor hours in the office. We no longer have to keep up with spreadsheets. We no longer have to key from a hard to read field ticket. Everything is entered in at the site and is sent to the home office electronically..Our payroll staff is able to generate payroll in a matter of minutes!

I could not be more pleased with Hardhat's system. As we grow, they will grow with us.